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I am the bone of my theory.

Information is my body and philosophy is my blood.

I have made over a thousand speculations.

Unknown to Beast's Lair,

Nor known to TYPE-MOON.

Have withstood censure to propose many ideas.

Yet, this mind will never know everything.

So, as I pray, "Unlimited Theory Works."


Stage 0

Documentation Basic Hierarchies Known Relationships Known Objects Object Class Prototypes

Thaumaturgy Documentation Thaumaturgy Hierarchy Thaumaturgy Known Relationships Thaumaturgy Known Objects Thaumaturgy Class Design
Root Documentation Root Hierarchy Root Known Relationships Root Class Design
Creature Documentation Creature Hierarchy Creature Known Objects Creature Class Design
Organization Hierarchy Organization Known Objects Organization Class Design
Location Documentation Location Hierarchy
Existence Documentation




Stage Plans


Test Test Test
Test Test Test





Intellectual property of RoyalKnight, sans the obvious credits to Kinoko Nasu of TYPE-MOON, and anything I ripped off of Arai's Fuyuki. Send complaints/whatever to RoyalKnight at gmail dot com.


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